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Aluminum and Copper Funnels Aluminum and
Copper Funnels

Originally designed for use in wine making, these funnels serve a variety of uses. Seamless design makes them sanitary for food use. Perfect for use with dry goods such as grains or flours!

Propane Burners Propane Burners

Take the cooking outdoors with a Propane Burner. Use an ordinary BBQ tank made for outdoor use. It's perfect for corn roasts, lobster or mussel roasts, or canning tomatoes bushels at a time. The perfect combination: Crown Burner & Pots!

Note: 2 burners may be required for large pots. CSA approved. (propane & tank not included. Not exactly as shown)

Sausage Stuffer Tubes Sausage Stuffer Tubes
Made from aluminum in a seamless design. Fits various meat grinder sizes. The 820 is used for stuffing by hand!

Portable Bar-B-Que Grill Portable Bar-B-Que Grill
Perfect for home and resorts! Fits perfectly into a wood stove or fireplace, turning them into winter BBQ's. All the smoke and food odours go out the chimney. The double sided grill allows the user to flip the entire grill over the hot coals. The grill can open up flat to make a 2 sided cooking surface. Great for camping!

beer trays Tavern Style Beer Trays

The genuine anodized aluminum beer tray is here. Made from heavy weight 14g aluminum with a clear anodized finish. Easy to handle lip for carrying a full load!

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