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CROWN CUSTOM METAL SPINNING INC. makes tools of the trade, and we don't stop there. Our test kitchens figure out solutions to your pizza problems so that you can get back to the business of making great pizzas!


   Pizza sticks to pan.  

Pizza dough is made from flour, water, yeast, sugar, and salt. The two major ingredients, flour and water, when mixed together also make glue. You may remember making this type of glue for projects as a child.

The rule of thumb is, that if the pizza dough is sticky going into the pan, it will be stuck coming out. The way to remedy this situation is to do one or more of the following options.  

  • Seasoning pans:
Seasoning pans helps in reducing a sticking problem but will not eliminate it if the dough is too sticky. However, seasoning has an added benefit of improving cooking quality and speed, since the pan becomes darker when seasoned. The proper method of seasoning is to coat your pan inside and out with oil and salt, then bake in your oven until it starts to smoke (approx. 15 minutes). Repeat this process several times and remember not to wash your pans since this will remove the effects of seasoning. If pans have become soiled you can rinse them under cold water then sterilize by placing in oven with a coating of oil. Or wash and re-season your pans.  


  • Spray-on solutions:
There are several spray-on pizza releasing products available on the market that work very well. These are usually available through your food supplier and just need to be sprayed onto your pan before each use.  
  • Flour power:
The easiest way to solve your sticking problem is to eliminate the stickiness of the dough right from the start. When you roll out your dough just make sure you coat both sides with ample amounts of flour. The flour adheres to the surface of the dough and eliminates the stickiness of the product. Corn meal is also good to use and adds a desirable texture to your crust as well.  

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